Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Background Checks?

Most businesses hiring employees (or renting to tenants) agree that they have an obligation to add a well-qualified person to the organization, one that will be a good fit. Equally important is providing a safe environment for employees and customers. And in today’s litigious world, should a problem or accusation arise, it’s important to be able to demonstrate diligence in hiring.

What Background Checks Should I Do?

The most often performed checks are for criminal history. And, if the prospective employee will be handling company funds, credit checks are available. And some companies like to know the applicants driving record, whether or not they will be operating a vehicle in their duties.

What Turnaround Time Can I Expect?

It all depends on the types of services you request. The vast majority of criminal records background checks are completed within 24 to 72 hours of receiving the order. Credit and motor Vehicle reports are normally instantaneous.

I've Heard It's Time Consuming to Order a Background Check

Provided you’ve obtained the necessary information from your prospect, you should expect to spend no more than a few minutes to order a background check. In fact, it’s possible to order reports 24/7 from virtually any device with only a few mouse clicks. Progressive screening companies offer easy to use order platforms, and can even have your prospect provide information directly to the company.